Moving the past into the future. Specializing in  large  frame and masonary structures.

  This  home was a  display model for a local lumber company.  It was relocated just a few doors down  the street, and set up on a lot for resale.

  This 28' x 46' Panabode log house was moved approximately 70km..

   We relocated this 32' x 50' log house to a local farm.  The picture on the right shows it sitting on cribbing at it's new location - waiting for a new  basement.  

  A 36' x 39' frame bungalow was moved just over 75km, as well as it's detached 26' x 28' garage.

  We moved this 28' x 40' brick bungalow from Bathurst St. and Center St. near Richmond Hill to a location in Sutton.  It was a move that took approximately  4.5 hours.

Another brick bungalow 26' x 46' ready to  roll .      


  Just delivered - a 28' x 74' brick bungalow with attached garage. 

  A 28' x 48' frame house.

   In February of 2008, we moved this home back away from its original foundation so that the contaminated earth under the foundation could be excavated and taken away. The contamination was due to a furnace oil spill.  When the new foundation was completed, we rolled the home back to it's original spot.

Take the time to view the these pictures of us moving structures.  Some buildings take the traditional routes, like roads and highways, while others take less traditional routes like fields, and man made paths.

  ****   We hope you enjoyed the photogallery   ****

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