Moving the past into the future. Specializing in  large frame and masonary structures.

    We would like to take this opportunity first and foremost to sincerely thank our Customers, Contractors and Suppliers.  Without these important factors in a business where would any business be?  We've enjoyed working with you all, and alot of you repeatedly, and we look forward to meeting new clients.


Since 1967 we've been in the profession of raising and moving buildings - some very large, some small.   With that being said every project has been completed with the utmost care and respect to our customers needs and wishes. 


Johnston's House Raising and Moving is currently a third generation company. 


I was introduced to this industry truly by accident with needing a home to raise our family in.  Wanting to own a home of our own - we were able to purchase a well built 1 1/2 story house from the department of highways for $250.  We contacted a local mover, Mr. Russell Harrison, formally of Mount Albert ON to help us  relocate  our home - a move that would be almost four miles.  Mr. Harrison was overbooked at the time, but said  he would drop off the beams and show me how to raise and load the house. I was expected to get it ready for him, then he would move it.  I listened to him, and with a hand shake the deal was made.  A few days later at five in the morning, Mr. Harrison and five of his men arrived at the site to finish preparing for the move.  At 10 o'clock we were on the road - a long day ahead with hydro, bell, police, road crew , and the house moving crew, we successfully completed our task. 


I had thanked Mr. Harrison for now he had introduce me to the house raising and moving industry, which I was overly fascinated with.  He said to me , "I think you better get interested in this field, and I 'll help you.  I 'm not feelling well, and really can't do this anymore.  I'll sell you a pair of beams, send you some customers, and start referring calls to you. What do you think?"  Being very adventurous -  I said,

"O kay." 


That was my start, and with the help of my good wife Joanne, raising our family of three (Vincent, Elaine, and Stewart), running the business from home, and encouraging me - we grew.  The road was very tough.  Inspite of starting with a minimal amount of equipment, having little capital, and dealing with the fact that the work was seasonal -  we were successful.  Our two sons have worked along side of me from a young age  as alot of you will remember, and we continue to build a decent and honest business.


To date we've increased our equipment inventory to handle many buildings at one time.  Specializing in the moving and raising of large frame buildings,  homes, and barns.  To see a barn raised and supported with our equipment is quite a site for us to see.  Preservation of historical homes, whether moved to a museum or just raised and restored,  to the raising of small homes in order to install a new basement to double it's square footage, we've done it all - many times over.  Each and everytime is still enjoyable.


Just like my contract with Mr. Harrison, a hand shake is all I need.   Although we just raise or move these buildings we can always direct you to a good, reliable contractor to assist you with the other details of your project.


Again,  thanks to all who helped us build and maintain our family business.


Vic Johnston, and Family,




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