Moving the past into the future. Specializing in large  frame and masonary structures.

   Due to road maintance over several years, this 1862 school house was lifted 7'6" from its original spot to set a new benchmark for a new large scale plaza.

   This two story stucco house was rolled off its original spot to have a new basement installed.  When the basement was completed, it was rolled back over the new basement.

   This little building was a post office.  The roof was lowerd due to low wires.  It was moved from Deer Park and Metro road in Georgina Township to the Georgina Historical Museum.

   The Kinmount Train Station was built in 1876.  The original wood foundation, which the train station sat on deteriorated over time.  It was time for a new cement foundation.  We lifted the station approximately 6 feet  then rolled it sidways to make way for the new foundation. 

   Built in 1900, the Newmarket Train Station was built on a wooden foundation.  It was in need of a new cement  foundation.    The same procedure was done here just like the Kinmount Station.  The size of the station is  22' x 93' and weighed approximately ninety-six tons.

   This historical house originally sat on the Markham Museum property in Markham ON.  In the 1900's a team of horses allegedly moved the building a short ways down the street.   Almost a hundred years later, we had the honour of moving it back to the museum grounds where it currently resides to this day.

   We moved this old house away from the road where it sat for over a hundred years in the small village of  Vallentyne, ON.  It was put onto a new basement, and renovated into a home.  Below is a picture of it finished.

   This  19th century structure in Pottageville, was lifted for a new basement, and  renovated into a home.

   Established in 1887, the Manila Public Library, Manilla ON,  sat just a few feet from a very busy road.  It was determind it should be moved back away from the road,  and put on a new basement.  With the library moved back, this allowed for  additional parking library patrons.  This was done in the fall of 2000. 

   Just south of Uxbridge ON, this church was in need of a new foundation and some beam repairs.  It was moved off to the side so the contractor could carry on with the new construction. 

   In the fall of 1981, we moved the Commercial Hotel through downtown Uxbridge, ON.  It  is  said to be the oldest frame building of its kind in the Region of Durham.  Built in 1860 -  It now serves the public as a fine dining resturant.

   Back in 1977, this  12' x 19'  building was moved from Queensville ON  to the Sharon Temple in Sharon ON,  to  be utilized as a gatehouse.  This small building  was constructed in 1870,  and served Queensville first as a bank, then as a bakery before becoming a library in 1890.

   Named the Orange Hall, this building was moved to the Cannington Historical Museum  in Cannington,  ON  - back in the 80's.  Due to the height of the building,  and low wires   along the planned route to the museum -  it was decided that the roof would be removed  to make this move possible .  Once the building was lowerd onto its new foundation, the roof was put back on.

   The Cedarbrae Community Center, in Georgina Township,  was moved to the Georgina Historical Museum back in the 80's.  It served as a school in its earlier years for the Cedarbrae area.

   In the town of Woodville  ON,  this house had to be moved to make way for the expansion of a parking lot for a local grocery store.  The house was relocated to a nearby vacant lot.

   This church was moved from Kettleby  ON, to the King Historical Museum back in the 80's.

As you make desicions about your structure - Consider the sentimental value, the historical background, and it's meaning to society.  Some buildings like the ones below will be around for a long time to come - for many generations to enjoy.




  ****  There's always history in every town ****

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